Frixbo: Levelling up your world

Hello and welcome to Frixbo, where we level up your world! For the past 3 years, we as a service have been helping our clients level up their League of Legends accounts through our Elo Boosting services.

To the unfamiliar, Elo boosting is the process whereby a player, an Elo booster, accesses your League of Legends account and sends you on multiple ranked levels to help your account grow and win the many awards associated with that growth.

In our short time period of operations, we’ve been helping thousands of clients level up and feel happy about their account’s success. Due to this, we’ve been able to earn a lot of money to expand our services and grow our team to include more members and help countless other League of Legends players. 

We’ve been incredibly happy with this process and the success that followed it! Know that without you, none of this would be made possible. That’s why today, we’d like to share with you how we’ve managed to make our business work: our mission and vision statements and the core values that empower us.


To help League of Legends players grow their accounts and receive the awards that are associated with these ranks.

To grow our service business through the usage of both Elo booster services and teaching the basics of League of Legends.

Help our team members grow in their skills and professional lives.


A trusted Elo boosting company that helps millions of League of Legends client accounts and team members grow into successful individuals.

Core values

We’re proud of the mission and vision statements we’ve made, but without the right core values, they remain just that: statements. That’s why we’ve chosen the following core values below to make our goals a reality:


League of Legends gaming takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to become an epic player. That’s why we recruit only the most dedicated team members to ensure your account blossoms into a successful one.


Since you’d be giving your account to us, trust that we’ll keep them safe. We do this by doing deep background checks on all our team members to ensure only good people are allowed access to your account.


Having your account become a high-level game is a right that you deserve. That’s why we’ve made sure that everyone gets access to our services easily by recruiting multilingual team members. In doing so, you’d get to have someone level up your account in a way that you can understand.

Strong customer service 

You are our greatest asset. That’s why we value your customer service so we offer you easy access to our service teams any time, anywhere. So whenever you have concerns either early in the morning or late at night, know there’s someone to give you your-much needed service.